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After check-in, passenger gets his backpack and pass through security checkpoint. It is ensured that staff at security checkpoint will not ask you about your baggage, unless you have restricted items in your bag. All they have to to is checked your items in baggage allowed or prohibited. - You wait at the lounge to prepare for boarding. About 15 - 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time, all passengers will be called to get onboard. For Vietnam Airlines flights, passengers can travel though tube cage, or by bus for other carriers' flights. Then, staff will be waiting to check passengers' boarding pass, and may check your bag one more time. - To avoid being checked for the last time, you can open your hand baggage and stuff your bag inside, if it is possible. If there is no room for your bag, you should wear your backpack suitably. For example, you should stand behind a group of people to avoid being recognized. Do not stand at the beginning or the end of queuing line, you will be checked easily by airline's staff. If passengers can act more careful, they can get on board easily. - For those who do not have a suitcase, they can bring a bag and a nylon bag. The bag can weigh 07kg, and the nylon bag can weigh about 3-4 kg. In theory, you are bringing overweight baggage; thus, you should not present both of them at check-in counter. After the staff at the check-in counter check your 7-kg bag, he will attack a tag on the bag, which shows that the bag was allowed to bring into aircrafts of . For alone travelers, they can take both bags to check-in counter, but the smaller one should be hidden. Then, take both bags flexibly and smartly to to avoid being recognized by staff.

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